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Landscaping care and maintenance is a seasonal process that is totally reliant on the climate zone. In fact, the type of lawn that is grown for landscaping purposes is dependent on climate zones. Different types of grasses flourish under different weather conditions. Boca Raton landscaping companies are fully aware of the differences between popular grasses. There’s really nothing new about landscaping or lawn maintenance. Early English and French households cultivated lawns during the 16th century. Back then, chamomile and thyme were more popular than they are in certain climate zones today. The best place to find Boca Raton landscaping companies is on the web.

Companies specializing in tree service Boca Raton FL also provide a wide range of landscaping services as well. One of the most well known American landscaping designers is Frederick Law Olmstead. Frederick designed the layout for NYC’s Central Park. Finding the best lawn service boca raton is accomplished by following a few simple tips. For instance, reading reviews about Boca Raton landscaping companies is a great start towards finding reputable Boca raton landscapers. It wasn’t until 1830 when the first lawnmower was invented. Before lawnmowers hit the landscaping scene, lawns were trimmed and maintained with sheep.

Today, lawn care Boca Raton involves sophisticated landscaping equipment designed by engineers. Boca Raton landscaping companies are fully aware of the types of grasses that need to be used in certain climate zones. The most popular grasses used for landscaping are Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue and St. Augustine. Bermuda grass is also popular and commonly installed by Boca Raton landscaping companies. Professional landscapers usually offer pictures and in depth details about the services they’ve accomplished in the past to give their customers an idea of what is being offered. Checking the type of equipment and experience that Boca Raton landscaping companies provide is highly advised while receiving quotes on services.

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