Best Plumbing Tools to Have Easy Access to

In this video, you will learn about the best plumbing tools to have easy access to. There are ten plumbing tools listed in the video. The first tool is a PEX pocket crimper.

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This tool allows for quicker and easier installation and they are less costly. For most DIY homeowners PEX is the easiest to use. Fiber Fix is the next tool that is listed. It is sort of like glue, but more of a short-term fix for leaks or damages. A plunger is next. This might seem like it is an obvious one, but it’s crucial to have a good one. The one listed in this video is called the Cobra-Plunge. A shower arm thread remover is next. It is really hard to remove a shower head when you need to replace it, so this tool is really useful. It can also be used to toilets and other plumbing. A toilet flapper is the next plumbing tool. The video recommends one that is designed to fit all toilet sizes and types, so you don’t have to worry about making it a custom fit. Lastly, water pump pliers are really important to have around, as they are really versatile when repairing plumbing damages.

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