An Interview With Doug Bannister, President of SS Specialties

SS Specialties provides decorative concrete services for residents of the Oklahoma City, OK area. President Doug Bannister has been in the industry since the 1980’s and worked to establish his own expertise. He took the time to talk more about his business and what makes it unique.

Mr. Bannister, what would you say sets SS Specialties apart from the competition?

Over the top support from the people behind the products. And, because our SS Specialties products deliver consistent results making contractors confident in all they do.

Is there anything exciting going on that we should know about?

We are in the planning stages of designing a booth at the world’s largest decorative concrete show to be held this year in Fort Worth, Texas. Last year we made a concrete car that actually ran, using all SS Specialties products for the body. This year’s theme is currently under development but we promise our booth will be over the top and well received.

That sounds awesome! Is there anything interesting that makes coming to work more enjoyable?

Our company staff meets for staff meetings once a week. During this time, we talk about products, customers, concerns, and fun. During the “fun” part, we have done things like play dodge ball, participated in laughter yoga, had costume contests and even meditated. We are a firm believer that fun on the job makes for a more cohesive staff and overall well-being.

SS Specialties is located at 125 NE 40th Street in Oklahoma City, OK. For more information about their products and services visit To get in contact with them, call 866-906-2006 or email

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