Add Sliding Doors to Upgrade Your Small Apartment

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When you move into your first new apartment after you graduate from college and get your first real job, you might be disappointed to find that what you can afford is far smaller than what you had hoped for. In fact, you might even find that you don’t have the space or even the number of rooms to get the privacy you need to feel like your roommate isn’t constantly looking over your shoulder. To get the appearance and feeling of more space, you might want to think about installing sliding door systems. Sliding doors can be customized to ensure a perfect fit in your apartment and can clearly define more areas so that your living room and storage closet are not in the same spot.

One of the most common sliding door systems that you can choose from is barn doors. They are often used to turn one room into two smaller ones. Though they might be generally used in larger studio apartments if someone wants to separate their bedroom and living room, they can be used just the same in smaller ones where it might be hard to tell the difference between even the kitchen and living room. Barn doors are flexible in terms of where they can be used, and there are few instances that they can’t be a good fit.

A good thing to consider if you feel like your living space is just not big enough is to add mirrored interior sliding doors. Not only do mirrors add a unique contemporary look, but they also help give the illusion of space. That can be a life save – almost literally – if you constantly feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in your small apartment. Plus, you can check out your outfit or fix your hair right in the living room.

Though an overall improvement on your living space should be the primary reason you invest in sliding door systems, they can actually add value to your apartment or home. New doors generally provide a 15 to 20% return on investment. So while you might not be worrying about selling the small apartment that you rent, if you want to move out quickly and are looking to sublet, new doors could be a good selling point and save you quite a bit of money.

In reality, if you live in a big city but have a tiny apartment, sliding doors aren’t going to make your apartment any bigger. However, they can be great for organization and getting a bit of extra privacy, and might help you feel like you have a lot more in your space. As a result, they are one of the best additions you can make. Read more here.

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