A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Pet Safe Lawn

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Our pets are our best friends! This means we have to do whatever is possible to protect our animals from dangers. And this includes our yards and gardens. As dogs are more likely to be outside frolicking in the grass, it is crucial to go to lengths to ensure you have dog friendly lawncare. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for safe lawn care and maintenance.

Why do dogs leave their lawn in the first place? In general, there are three reasons.

1. Boredom. Dogs are social beings, and they naturally like to explore! If they have exhausted all the exploring that can be done in your backyard, they may try to escape to find adventure somewhere else.

2. If your dog is outside with inclement weather or if you have guests over they are uncomfortable with, the dog may try to seek solace someplace else.

3. Looking for a mate. This is especially true if your dog is not spayed or neutered.

One thing you can do to prevent you dog from escaping is to install a fence. Here are some requirements to abide by to get the most out of your fence.

1. Make it high. Some dogs can surprise you with how high they can jump, so make sure your fence is past their reach.

2. Chicken wire. If your dog likes to dig, install chicken wire underneath the fence so they cannot escape. Chicken wire is also a good way to stop your dog from digging in flowerbeds.

3. No gaps. Make sure to always be diligent and repair your fence when any holes pop up. It is also a good idea to fill in any gaps, such as where the gate meets the house or bushes, so they cannot squeeze out.

4. Secure the lock. If your children cannot remember to properly close the gate, then what is the point of having one? You can always invest in a self-closing gate latch that will always remember to keep your loved ones inside.

Besides the fence, it is imperative you go to other lengths to ensure you have safe lawn care for your pet. This includes not planting poisonous flowers, and using natural lawncare or at the very least pet friendly lawncare to ensure everyone is happy and healthy when using pesticides and other chemicals. Your furry friends will thank you! Read more about this topic at this link. References.

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