3 Common Winter Roofing Problems And How To Deal With Them

UPDATED 6/25/2020

Winter weather conditions can be especially hard on your roof. Snow, hail, wind, and ice can create several problems that may lead to major winter roof damage if they’re not properly addressed.

To help keep your roof’s winter roof damage from turning into water damage, here are some of the most common winter roofing problems to be on the lookout for this season. Always find local roof repair and have a professional address any winter roof damage. It is dangerous for someone who does not have the proper equipment and training to try and address winter roof damage. If you do not have experience with roofers in the area, read roof repair reviews online or ask for a recommendation for the best local roofer. Being proactive about roof repair can end up saving you a lot of money and headache in the future. Here are three things that can cause winter roof damage to your home: 

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  1. Strong winds. Snowstorms can bring strong winds with them. When wind speeds pick up, they can loosen and pull off asphalt shingles. To keep your shingles in place, make sure to have your roof serviced during the fall before winter arrives. Have a shingle repair company replace your shingles as soon as you notice they’ve been damaged or torn off your roof to prevent further roofing damage. Local roof repair companies can replace missing shingles and repair those that have been damaged. Exposed roof from a missing shingle could begin to rot due to exposure to moisture. Make sure any missing shingles are addressed as soon as possible.
  2. Icicles. Icicles might seem like a bigger problem for your home’s gutter system. But icicles can prevent your gutters from properly draining water off your roof as snow melts. This increases the risk of ice dams. What’s more, the weight from the icicles themselves can damage your roof. To prevent icicles from forming, be sure to clean your gutters throughout the fall and to sweep the snow off your roof.
  3. Ice dams. Ice dams can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important to recognize when they’re starting to form. Ice dams happen when melting ice and snow becomes trapped on your roof and re-freezes on the lower sections of your roof and gutters. Water pools behind the ice, causing water to leak into your home through joints and cracks in the roofing material. Not only do ice dams cause issues for your insulation but it can also cause a roof cave-in in extreme situations. To prevent ice dams from forming, be sure to sweep the snow off your roof and to keep your gutters clear. Nearby roofer can assist with this kind of pre-emptive work.

Do You Need to Find Local Roof Repair?

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If your home has suffered from storm damage, you’re not alone. According to the NOAA’s Severe Storms database, there were up to 4,610 major hail storms just last year. Local roof repair companies are aware of the unique weather conditions in your area and know the best way to repair your roofing. When in doubt, always read roof repair reviews online so you can be sure you are hiring the best local roofer for the job

If you are looking how to find a roofer in my area to repair the winter roof damage you’ve suffered, you are not alone. Local roof repair companies can help replace and repair shingles and deal with any damage caused by ice. Being proactive and enlisting the help of local roof repair near me as soon damage is noticed can help your home stay safe, as well as save you money down the line.

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