Lawn Care, You, and Everything In Between

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A great home is made up of a number of different moving parts. Some of these parts will include the kitchen, the bathroom, interior decorating, plumbing, furniture, windows, and your lawn care. While many people will focus on renovating their kitchen and bathroom, there are just as many homeowners that will focus on trying to improve the quality of their lawn area.

Out of all real estate agents, about 97% believe that landscaping should be considered as a top five home improvement project in America in terms of added value to the house. Also, real estate agents believe that you can expect a return of investment valued at 215% whenever they decide to put money into improving the quality of their lawn.

If you want to have lawn maintenance down or even lawn improvement then you will want to consult with professionals and experts so you can get the right work done for you. When people add plants to their houses, 92% of all homeowners will choose plants that are native to the region so that they can live longer. If not then the plants can easily die by being taken out of their climate.

Your Lawn Appearance Is Important

The appearance of your lawn is incredibly important. Understand that if you spend about 5% of your home’s value on your lawn care then you can get a return on investment that equates to about 150%. That is one example of the amount of value your lawn can have in terms of how it affects the value of your house. A survey was conducted that revealed 83% of all Americans think that having a yard is important and also 90% of those people believe that the lawn should be well-maintained.

Out of all homeowners planning to renovate outdoor spaces, about 64% plan on changing their backyard lawn area. Of that number, about 58% of all changes are minor improvements and 29% of those projects will involve a complete overhaul of the lawn with landscaping or terracing. Keep in mind that if you want to sell your house after purchasing it, then you can increase the resale value by 14% if you simply landscape the lawn.

Out of all homeowners, about half are attempting to budget $10,000 or more on their current or upcoming outdoor projects that involve professionals. Simply hiring a lawn service to do landscaping in your house can help raise the property value by nearly 12%. Another survey was conducted which revealed that 63% of all respondents will pay more for property that is located in any area featuring green spaces. In comparison, only 34% will pay for a property in an area with good shopping or good cultural venues.

You Will Spend Time In Your Backyard

The Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a survey involving 2,034 United States over the age of 18. This survey revealed that 75% of all Americans believe that it is quite important for them and their loved ones to spend time outside in their yards. Also, understand that homeowners who upgrade their outdoor area will spend six or more hours there each week.

In Conclusion

Spending time in your backyard with a high-quality lawn is very popular amongst homeowners especially if you have a pool area. 90% of all real estate agents will tell homeowners to always invest some sort of money into landscaping before they decide to sell their house. Also, real estate agents believe that if you landscape your lawn, it will help lower the amount of time your home is on the market for nearly six weeks.

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