Five Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Stone tile mosaics

The bathroom is a prime spot within a home for relaxing. It stands to reason that many homeowners want their bathroom to be just right. One study done by Houzz found that 60 percent of homeowners planned on remodeling their bathroom. You might want to remodel your own bathroom but have no idea where to start. It’s common to feel overwhelmed at the thought of a new renovation project. Knowing what renovations are popular will help you to make the right decision. In this post,

  • Installing Energy Efficient Appliances: A bathroom renovation is a time to fix any nagging issues with a room. In many cases, this is a great time to have more efficient appliances installed in a bathroom. Energy efficient appliances are made to use fewer resources to operate. Many homeowners love having these appliances for the reduction in monthly utility bills.
  • Nature Themed Bathrooms are Popular: Many newer bathrooms want a look that is inspired by nature. It might sound difficult to get this look in your bathroom. However, an easy way to start is by including more natural light into your bathroom. Including marble counter tops and faux wood paneling are great to give your bathroom a nature theme. Drawing in more natural sunlight is done by having new windows installed.
  • Open Bathroom and Bedroom Connection: One of the most popular features in a home is an open layout. Homeowners enjoy being able to have open space instead of being surrounded by walls everywhere they go. A common bathroom renovation is to remove walls, often connecting a master bathroom and bedroom together.
  • Tiles Work Well for Flooring and Walls: The king of the wall and floor coverings for a bathroom is tile. Subway wall tile is popular for use in the bathroom. A subway tile is used to describe a tile whose length is double that of its height. There are many subway tile sizes that will help to ensure you have the right tile selected. It is common to use the classic white subway tile in a bathroom. Glass tile is another popular option when renovating a bathroom. Glass tile patterns vary widely which gives the homeowner to choose the right option. Glass and subway tile sizes are popular because of their wide range of sizes and styles.
  • Installing Brand New Shower: One of the most relaxing places in the home is the shower or bath. A renovation is a perfect time to have an entirely new shower installed. Advances in showers over the years have brought many options. Including multiple shower heads is a popular specification for a bathroom remodel.
  • It is wise to leave any bathroom remodeling to professionals. Workers will know certain specifications including lumber and subway tile sizes. This knowledge will help ensure the job is completed correctly and quickly. In addition, you don’t want to risk electrical shock while trying to update your bathroom. Tile removal often leaves dust that must be removed. Subway tile sizes will be found that provide the perfect look for your bathroom. A professional renovation company will have access to tools that let a homeowner concentrate on other matters.

    In closing, there are many renovation ideas that are popular for a bathroom. Renovating a bathroom is important, especially when trying to sell your home. Research shows that bathroom renovations will provide an 86.4 percent return on investment. A more natural theme is becoming popular for modern bathrooms. The open connection between a bedroom and bathroom is usually a welcome renovation for a home. Tiles are a near perfect floor or wall choice for a bathroom. A common renovation is including an entirely new shower. Renovating a bathroom is one of the wisest decisions a homeowner can make, especially for the future resale value.

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